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Happy Tails Dog Food 7LB/3.2 kg


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The 7 pound bag of Happy Tails Holistic Dog Food is the ideal daily food for energetic dogs of all ages and breeds. This vet approved formula contains organic ingredients such as apples, carrots, spinach, parsley and garlic as well as being rich in high density proteins from delicious lamb from New Zealand and wild fish from the Pacific Ocean. For unmatched nutrition and health, the Happy Tails Holistic Dog Food does not contain any corn, wheat grains, gluten, soy, white potatoes, white rice, chemicals, artificial flavors and colors, and is completely GMO free. The tasty food is made with up to 53% New Zealand Lamb, 28% B.C. ocean fish and 19% brown rice and veggies. With human grade ingredients and a rich source of probiotics and active enzymes, the food feeds like raw and your furry friend will love the taste and benefit of this great food.


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